The Sequencing (Rave Shed) Challenge has been issued!


This download includes the layout file for the livestream matrix setup.

(When open, right click on the visualizer, and select "3D", then Right Click > "Load Viewpoint" > "3D View")


Choose any song you would like to use. (Minimum 90 second sequence).  If you use a track by the artist "Harris Heller", it will be able to be used during Light Show 101 livestreams.


The 1,000 pixel prize winner will be selected anonymously by a panel of lighting designers. You can submit your sequence via email to Once you have submitted a sequence, it will be filmed and sent to you so you can see what it looks like on video. You can make revisions as you see fit. All final submissions must be emailed by end of day July 31st.


Good luck to everyone!

Sequencing Challenge