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Live Streams every weekend

Saturday, and Sunday at 4pm EST

Chat live on Facebook & Twitch with Matt Phipps and the community! Make new friends over chat who own their own light show. The best place to start getting plugged in with LightShow101.

Helpful Facebook Community

Our community is very active on Facebook, and full of people eager to help. Come join our family, and learn with us!

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Utilize our resources
Learn how to do it all
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Pre Made Sequences

Pre Made xLights Sequences can be easily imported to your light show. LightShow101 sequences bring the dynamics of the song, and the individual instrumentation to life! Countless hours are spent on each sequence to be sure that every note is represented on your props.

Video Courses

Don't know anything about creating a Light Show, or you know almost everything? The LS101 video courses will teach you everything you need to know, from the bottom up.

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